Dr. Norman Webb

Norman WebbDr. Norman L. Webb earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1975. He served as a senior research scientist for the Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER), and was the recipient of a 2003 Academic Staff Excellence Award. His personal research has focused on assessment of students' knowledge of mathematics and he leads the National Institute for Science Education's work in evaluating mathematics and science education.

Dr. Webb has been doing alignment studies for over 10 years, and trademarked the WebbAlign method in the Spring of 2013. It measures four criteria: categorical concurrence, depth-of-knowledge consistency, range-of-knowledge correspondence, and balance of representation.

Dr. Webb's alignments have been carried out through WCEPS via the use of the WebbAlign Method since the Fall of 2012. Dr. Webb provides management oversight of the WebbAlign Method and certifies the final product. Each WebbAlign study meets the high level of quality for which Dr. Webb's work has become known.

Sara Christopherson

Sara ChristophersonSara Christopherson's background is in the sciences, education, and science writing. Sara earned a MS in Science Education from University of Wisconsin–Madison and a BA in Biology from Oberlin College.

Sara began working with Dr. Webb on alignment studies in 2006, and began directing WebbAlign studies in partnership with Dr. Webb in the Summer of 2013.