Dr. Norman Webb’s Professional Learning Programs for K-12 Educators

Dr. Norman Webb’s Education and Outreach Group helps districts implement Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Framework.

Webb’s DOK Overview

Webb’s DOK is a language system used to describe the content complexity of learning expectations, instructional materials and assessment items. The DOK framework includes four levels of content complexity—DOK 1, DOK 2, DOK 3, and DOK 4. Descriptive definitions for each level are specific to each subject area. Download the summary definitions for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

Professional Learning Outcomes

Dr. Webb’s professional learning group supports educators in their efforts to improve alignment of curriculum and assessments with learning standards. Our workshops provide educators with opportunities to work in groups with our experts to develop classroom activities and assessments that match the rigor expected in the corresponding learning expectations. View videos of Dr. Norman Webb’s workshops.

Our Engagement Process

Our professional learning engagements often begin with a workshop for district curriculum staff and teacher leadership. Our workshops normally include:

  • An introduction that provides context for the DOK framework, highlights common misunderstandings, and clarifies the DOK definitions
  • Small group breakout sessions with facilitated discussion, and practice in the application of Webb's DOK
  • Development or evaluation of specific materials dependent upon the needs of the group (i.e. subject area, grade level, etc.)

Download a sample workshop description

Dr. Norman Webb’s Education and Outreach Group builds on established best practices for adult learning and professional learning implementation. We work closely with you to develop a phased process for rolling out Webb’s DOK in your district. Download a sample district-wide implementation guide.  

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